Virtual Audio Cable 3

Latest version: 3.12



Virtual Audio Cable 3 is a previous version of VAC, implemented as a Windows MME multimedia audio driver. Major differences are:




Audio interface MME WDM
Platforms Windows 98/ME, 2000/XP/2003 Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7
64-bit OS support No Yes
DirectSound in Win2000/XP/2003 Emulated Native
Format conversion No Yes
Volume control No Yes
Works from a remote terminal session Yes No

VAC 3 can be better than VAC 4 if both sides applications use the MME (waveIn/waveOut) audio interfaces and can be configured to use a single, common audio format. If at least one application uses DirectSound interface and/or different audio format, VAC 4 is preferred.

In any case, you always can download a free trial and test both versions. VAC 3 and VAC 4 can coexist in the same system if you choose different installation directories and Start Menu groups. But different versions of VAC 3 or VAC 4 (for example, 3.10 and 3.12 or 4.01 and 4.02) cannot coexist in the same system.

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    VAC 3 is distributed free of charge:


    How to install

    VAC package is distributed as a ZIP archive. Simply unpack it into an empty folder, run setup.exe application and follow the instructions displayed. If you use VAC for the first time, please read the readme.txt and vac.chm files before installation. If you have already installed previous version of VAC 3, don't forget to uninstall it before installation.

    Release history

    Version 3.12 (09.01.06)

    Version 3.11 (02.12.05)

    Version 3.10 (14.07.05)

    Version 3.09 (06.06.05)

    Version 3.08 (18.03.05)

    Version 3.07 (16.03.05)

    Version 3.06 (11.05.03)

    Version 3.05 (26.02.03)

    Version 3.04 (28.10.02)

    Version 3.03 (07.07.02)

    Version 3.02 (02.07.02)

    Version 3.01 (20.06.02)

    Version 3.00 (11.06.02)


    If you have experienced any problem with VAC, please ask for support. See the Support chapter in the Manual for the request format guidelines.

    Source code and other options

    VAC 3 consists of the kernel-mode and user-mode driver pair written entirely in C++ using object-oriented technology. No assembly files or additional driver development tools like VtoolsD are used.

    VAC 3 also allows to create a custom (proprietary) configuration to be used together with a particular application only.

    Each of custom versions has an unique key to identify its "native" application. This "native" application uses a special way to open a Virtual Cable device. Such opening way is called a "open in the native mode". When a cable is opened in native mode, it behaves as the full VAC version and can be opened by an unlimited number of applications at both In and Out sides. If a cable isn't opened in native mode, only a single side (In or Out) can be opened by a "foreign" application and cable doesn't perform audio data transfer.

    To order VAC sources or a custom version, please contact the author.