Windows software from Eugene Muzychenko

Commercial software

Virtual Audio Cable (VAC)

Windows multimedia driver which creates a "virtual cable" represented by two waveform devices, input and output, with internal link between them. Allows direct, untouched sound transfer between different applications. Useful to record application's audio output in real time, and save an output sound stream from applications that doesn't allow to write it into WAV file directly. VAC is a "wave-version" of the "MIDI loopback cable" like MultiMid or Hubi's Loopback drivers. Unlike Total Recorder allowing you to simply save audio stream, VAC allows to route it in real time. Can be used with any audio application (WinAMP, Foobar2000, AIMP, Audacity, Audition, Skype, Flex-Radio etc.).

Virtual Audio Cable 4 page (XP/2k3/Vista/Win 7/8/8.1/10)

Virtual Audio Cable 3 page (9x/ME/NT4/2k/XP/2k3)

Free software

Wave Clone

Windows multimedia tool to share Wave (MME) ports among several applications. Brings a multi-client feature to any Wave device. Wave Clone is a "wave-version" of the "MIDI multi-client add-ons" like MultiMid or Hubi's Loopback drivers.

Wave Clone page (9x/ME/NT4/2k/XP/2k3)


MIDI Manuals

Allows you to split your MIDI keyboard into two independent manuals (zones), assign different MIDI instruments to them and play both hands at same time, producing two-part pieces. You can't do that using popular sequencer software.

MIDI Manuals page  (all systems)



Utility to flush, one-time or periodically, volume file buffers. Works like sync.exe from Mark Russinovich but enumerates all
fixed volumes, including mounted to NTFS Mount Points. Can be installed as a service to start automatically and flush volume buffers with a given interfal.

Download FlushVol 1.4.2 (2k/XP/2k3/Vista/Win7/8/10)



mscetool operates with MSCE header file of WinCE CAB files (a file with .000 extension that describes the installation process). The main purpose of this utility is to change architecture and/or WinCE version number fields in the header. There are many programs that can work under particular WinCE versions but are distributed in CAB files with a strong architecture and minimum/maximum version numbers specified.

Download mscetool 1.0 (2k/XP/2k3/Vista/Win7)



b000fftool operates with MS B000FF (MSBIN) recordized image files containing Windows CE/Mobile ROM images. Can be useful to fix incorrect load address values in CE6 BIN images produced by BOOOFF, XipPort, Remaker and similar tools.

Download b000fftool 1.0 (2k/XP/2k3/Vista/Win7)



tcctoolce performs some operations specific for Telechips ARM CPU based devices under WinCE (only flash image saving is currently implemented).

Download tcctoolce 1.0.1 (WinCE 4.2 or higher)



TaskbarControlCE is intended to control Explorer taskbar appearance in case of switching between normal and fullscreen windows. Initially developed for Createc/Joyous J-2619 car multimedia station.

Download TaskbarControlCE 1.0.1 (WinCE 4.2 or higher)


SiLabs CP210x VCP driver for WinCE 4.2

A VCP (Virtual Communication Port) driver for CP210x (CP2101, CP2102, CP2103, CP2104) USB to Serial Bridge chips manufactured by Silicon Laboratories (formerly Cygnal). The driver creates COMn: virtual serial port available to any serial communication application (terminal emulators, GPS navigation software etc.).

The driver works only on ARMV4 CPUs under Windows CE 4.2 (for example, Windows Mobile 2003 SE or Pocket PC 2003). CE 5.0 and 6.0 drivers are available on SiLabs site.

Download  cp210xvcp_ce42_2_0_1_0 (CE 4.2)



shrinkvd is a command-line utility to shrink pre-allocated VMware virtual disk files according to a space really occupied by partitions. Useful for optimizing Vista/Win7/Win8 guests.

Download shrinkvd 1.2 (all PC Windows systems)



getpassword is a command-line utility to request a password from the keyboard, hiding the input, and return it via standard output (for example, to a command/batch file).

Download getpassword 1.0 (all PC Windows systems)



getfileinfo is a command-line utility to extract and print various file information (date, time, version, specification). File version qualifiers may be useful to create versioned filenames. File specification qualifiers may be useful to extract drive, path, name and extension like batch processor (cmd.exe) argument substitution does, but without expanding wildcards to existing file names. Extracted specification parts containing wildcards can be used for further file processing.

Download getfileinfo 1.9 (all PC Windows systems)



MixerInfo shows all information about given audio mixer.

Download MixerInfo (with source code)



ArrangeChildren is intended to arrange various child windows in application MDI window's client area. It can be used to arrange project windows in IDEs (integrated developer environments), such as Visual Studio, Sound Forge, Photoshop and others.

Download ArrangeChildren 1.00

Download ArrangeChildren 1.04



CopyFileFragm is a console utility intended to manipulate binary file fragments and expand/shrink files. Can extract a file fragment to another file or stdout, write a fragment into another file in place, overwrite/expand files etc.

Download CopyFileFragm 1.11



copywobuf is a console command-line utility that copies a file (no wildcards), opening both source and destination files with
FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING flag to prevent file caching. It is useful to copy files from/to shared folders in VMware guests to prevent host file locking by vmware-vmx.exe process.

Download copywobuf 1.3



waveinfo is a console command-line utility that shows information about RIFF/WAVE (.wav) files.

Download waveinfo 1.3



VMWRefresh allows you to use SoftICE 3.x or 4.x in Windows 2000/XP running under VMWare 4.5.1 by forcing VMWare guest window to refresh periodically.

Download VMWRefresh 1.04


picoc for Win32

picoc is a very small C language interpreter designed for UNIX-based systems. There is a port for Win32 (x86/x64).

Download picoc for Win32 2.2m


RASPPPoE 0.98b timeout patch

A patch for the RASPPPoE protocol drivers written by Robert Schlabbach. Increases RASPPPoE timeout to 120..150 seconds to allow PPP session to persist during DSL modem reconnection.

Download RASPPPoE 0.98b timeout patch